Personal health and mental coach
Formation of healthy habits and lifestyle, assistance in setting and achieving goals
About me
I love my work, for me, building a lifestyle is an opportunity to live in pleasure. I like to help my clients by using their nature, inherent in the opportunity, so that they can feel more energetic, stronger, more confident. Here are some facts about my activities:

  • I will give you a consultation using metaphorical associative cards, leading you to concrete steps and actions to change your reality
  • I help you to find the right sleep schedule for you
  • I will give you recommendations on water consumption and diet
  • I will select for you simple self-massage techniques and gymnastic exercises that will make you feel great
  • I will give you breathing techniques that will balance your inner energy
  • I also play the jew's harp, feel nature, and can help you make friends with the land you live on
  • Many of my clients I'd helped said that I'm a super motivator
What problems can I help solve?
These are the most common challenges my clients face.
You do not know what you want and want to know your desires again
You find it difficult to set goals for yourself and prescribe steps to move towards them
You have problems with well-being, low energy levels, dissatisfaction with the quality of life
Everything seems wrong and you do not know in which direction to move
Some customer's feedbacks
Что пишут клиенты после консультации
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Marion
Photo by Leio
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how it works
Introduction, designation of the direction of work, primary analysis.
Based on the intended goals, I will conduct a consultation for you using metaphorical associative cards, and I will also develop recommendations for you based on the initial analysis, as well as clarifications that have arisen in the course of our work.
After completion of the work, I will make you a list of recommendations for everyday life, and I will also be in touch on any issue related to the topic that we have been working on.
All services could be modified and combined according your needs and requests
Online session
  • Online consultation to find out Desires of your Body and Soul
  • Definition of the first 3 steps for the realization of desires
  • Online support 1 month
  • Duration up to 2 hours
Online session express
  • Online consultation and task setting
  • Definition of the first two steps to start moving towards the goal
  • Online support 2 weeks
Duration up to 1 hour
Contact me
Tell me about your problems and wishes, and I will contact you within 24 hours to set up a meeting.
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I write about interesting research, healthy habits, share healthy recipes
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